Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best Christmas pageant ever

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? Every year the boys' daycare puts on an adorable Christmas program. Nolan has been everything from an angel, to a sheep, to a shepherd this year. My mom, the seamstress, will not be outdone by any other grandma when it comes to costumes. This year was a hit. Last year not so much...what's the saying a picture is worth a thousand words?
Nolan last year as a sheep

So Nolan has turned into quite the performer. He had antlers on and even a little dance number. Campbell played an ever-so-fitting angel. They had two cribs decorated with tulle and ribbon and during the nativity scene rolled their cribs down the aisle with all the babies and their halos....cutest EVER! Nolan has taken his new role as a shepherd to heart. Now when I say, "Goodnight, angel," he corrects me and says, "I'm not an angel, I'm a shepherd!"

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