Friday, December 5, 2008

He knows when you are sleeping...

My sister learned to use Santa as leverage for her three girls and I must say that it's been working. When Nolan is acting up I tell him that I'm going to call Santa Claus. I sometimes get out the phone and "call" Santa when Nolan isn't being such a good little boy. I also call Santa when he's being especially great and being a good helper. One time I even got Granddad in on the act and actually called. Nolan talked to "Santa" and he was amazed and even said that Santa was really funny. One day after being the sweetest little boy, I told him how proud I was of him for being such a good helper and he looks up in the sky behind him like someone's spying on him and says, "Is Santa watching?"

One of the things that is endearing about this stage is how honest Nolan is about himself. This week he confessed that he got put in time out at school for pushing one of his friends, Cayden, at school. I told him how that wasn't a very good choice and Santa wouldn't be very proud. So the next day when I picked him up he volunteered how he didn't push Cayden that particular day. So when we get home he says, "Can you call Santa and tell him that I didn't push Cayden today?" I wonder what I'm going to do after Christmas...

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  1. That's funny! Nolan is probably very impressed that you have a direct line to the North Pole. He knows that he's being watched when he behaves well...but still asks you to call anyway just to be certain. Smart kid.



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