Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still Halloween around here

Halloween is over, right? Well, not according to Nolan. The costume is still pretty much part of our daily routine. I don't mind it too much because he's so darn cute when he wears it around the house. Have you ever seen a cuter cowboy?

Well that's not the end of the cute things he does. I swear having a toddler is as good as having a comedian in the house. He makes me bust out laughing at least once a day. What good medicine. My top 10 list of adorable things Nolan says:

1. "It's froggy (foggy) outside"
2. "Is Campbell eating your arm?" (when I'm nursing Campbell)
3. "Is he eating squish (squash)?"
4. "No mommy you can't eat me, you only eat food." (when I say that they are so cute that I want to eat them.
5. "What's on your face, do you have stripes (wrinkles)?"
6. "I'm not cute, I'm smart!"
7. "I love you 5 million, 2 million and 1 million!"
8. It's a tie between "What are YOUR doing?" and "What DOs this?" (instead of What does this do?)
9. "Dingerbells, dingerbells, dinger all the way"
10. "I had a happy day. I made good choices!"

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