Saturday, November 15, 2008


Ok, I know that I brag a lot about Nolan. I can't help it. He blows me away constantly. It shouldn't shock me that Nolan would be a good artist with the creative genes he has from his daddy. One of our friends got Nolan a little doodle pro and he draws on it all the time. It's been a lifesaver many-a-time at restaurants and doctor's offices. Unfortunately, since you can erase them and can't save any of the images, I have to take pictures of his artwork that I'm especially blown away by. Here are a few that would have made it onto our fridge if we could have.

We present our newest artist at the McDonald Museum of Art...Nolan Case McDonald

Nolan drew this and told me that "he was trick-or-treating"...notice the door with the person to the right holding their bag.

We know Nolan knows his ABCs but this blew us away, he drew it and told us he spelled "Pop" his grandfather's name.

And this has to be the grand prize. He drew this (seriously with no help at all) and said it was a parrot. I can't even draw a parrot this well! He just turned 3!

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  1. I am so glad he enjoys the toy, and I am SO impressed with his art!! My sister got a mini magnadoodle for Hannah recently and I love how it occupies her!! Of course, she just fills in the whole screen with scribble, but I'm sure there's code for something in how she does it!



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