Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shopping trip

I realized with Justin gone for the weekend that even though I was with the boys 24/7, I felt like I didn't have any quality time with Nolan. The poor thing heard a lot of "hang on Nolan" or "when I'm done feeding Campbell"...So I took him tonight to Petsmart and Target for some good ol' mommy/Nolie time. It was Nolan's first trip to Petsmart (or that he can remember) and I told him how we were going to see fish, birds, and maybe some dogs and cats. He was really excited and told me that "he couldn't wait to see the hippopotamus." I think he was a little disappointed to find out that all they had were guinea pigs. He was a little freaked out by them for some reason. He told Justin when he was tucking him into bed that he was scared of the "giggy pigs."

So we go to Target and Santa heard that Nolan wants a bike for Christmas so I was trying to do some shopping for Christmas for Santa and find out what size helmet Nolan needed. Since he already wears hats for 5-7 year olds, I thought we better try them on. So I find a helmet and put it on his head and just smiling because he looks so cute in it. I show him a mirror and his response is, "I'm the coolest!" I seriously have no idea where he heard that but I think the whole store heard me laughing.

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