Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breakfast blunder

Oh have I got a funny story...whoever thought parenting could be so funny? Our Sunday school teacher texted us on Saturday and told us she couldn't make it on Sunday so to sleep in a little. Well Justin had a great idea, why don't we drop the boys off at church and go have some breakfast without bouncing a baby on one of our knees or telling Nolan for the gazillionth time to eat and stop playing. We dropped Nolan in Sunday School and then asked the ladies in the nursery if it was ok. We left Justin's cell phone (I forgot mine at home) and headed off to a kid-free breakfast. I was already dreaming of my french toast. Well the french toast was a little of a bust. One slice was not cooked and rather mushy so I asked for another one. Only 15 minutes later do they present real toast (not french) sprinkled with powdered sugar. It's a little weird to think you're about to eat french toast, drown it in syrup and then hear a "crunch".

So minus the mushy/crunchy french toast, it was wonderful to have an adult conversation. We are pulling into the parking lot and we hear the phone ring...uh oh...DANGER. I know this can't be good. So I have Justin drop me off and I run in. As I run in, I have two people greet me at the door and tell me that "my kid is going crazy." "Which one?" I ask. Campbell...oh boy. As I round the corner, I can hear screaming. I walk in and the two nursery attendents are totally frazzled. Apparently, Campbell had a blowout of epic proportion. I run over to him to see tears streaming down his face in his full blown silent scream that he does. Little do they know, that's all part of his drama game. I swear he will win an Oscar when he grows up. They get him cleaned up but the clothes had to be sacrificed...it was that bad. I immediately picked him up only to discover it in his hair. And, mom of the year over here doesn't have any backup clothes. I dig through the diaper bag to find a onesie hidden in a pocket that the buttons were holding on for dear life it was so tight. Oh and might I mention that it was about 50 degrees outside and the poor guy is dressed like he's going to the beach. At this point, there is only about 15 minutes left of church and I just stay in the nursery to rock him and calm him down. So basically we went to church to change a diaper. Maybe next week, we should have breakfast at home.


  1. INCREDIBLE story! I was feeling bad for you when I read about mushy french toast....no idea that the story got "mushier!"

  2. yet another hilarious story--you always crack me up with your editorials of life---good for you for at least having SOME adult conversation sans children (what's that like??) I have a drama king too--amazing how young they start these days, huh?? :) hang in there sweet girl==hope all else is going well in your life--thanks for the sleep fairies for croup--they finally worked (mostly) last night! :)

  3. Hilarious!!! I can just picture you dealing with that. Poor Campbell, but at least you had a little time together!



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