Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sports mania

Today I got a taste. The taste of what it will feel like having two boys in sports. No, we're not crazy enough to put Campbell in sports just yet but Nolan's soccer and t-ball season overlapped this year and so in one Saturday we had two games.

The first game was at 7:30...really? Seriously, I'm setting my alarm to go play t-ball? What is wrong with this picture? I decided games that early should be outlawed especially when they're so cold your little MVP is shivering in the dugout.



This year I've noticed a big difference...we're doing some coach pitch. They give them three shots to hit a coach pitch and then let them hit off the tee if they haven't made a hit yet. I was a nervous wreck because we have so not practiced that with Nolan recently in the backyard. We're lucky to fit in a 10-15 minute practice in the backyard after dinner is said and done before bath and bed time.


Well, one night at practice Nolan smacked the stuffing out of one of his coach pitches and actually got a triple. He was so excited that he was actually hopping as he ran the bases. It looked something like this...

When we got home, I told him to go tell Daddy the great news that he got a triple. Well, Campbell beats him out of the car, runs inside and says, "DADDY!!! Nolan got a SPARE!" He wanted so badly to tell the good news but didn't get the information exactly right.

Photobucket My favorite part of this picture is that this little boy is chasing Nolan but he has not clue where the ball is. He was really more into playing tag than caring about getting him out.

We notice the kids whose parents are out in the backyard practicing like crazy. Yeah, we're so not one of those. I wish I could say that we were but then that would mean we're giving up something else like coloring or reading or having dinner as a family or getting them to bed at a decent time. So I guess more than anything, I just want him to have fun and get some excercise. So if that's my goal, we're doing just fine.

Notice my kid first in line for after game snacks. Yep, he's my kid for sure.

After his t-ball game, we loaded up, did a quick uniform change and headed to our last soccer game of the season. The reason this is so important is that Nolan really wanted to make 10 goals and we were only at 9. You should have seen his "Eye of the Tiger" face he had going on at that last game. And guess who made not one, but two goals? I love that he's so determined and has his mind set to achieve something. As a teacher, I know that motivation is the hardest characteristic to instill in a kid.

So this made my mind wonder. How am I going to handle two in sports with a baby on my hip? Somehow I'll manage I'm sure. Photobucket


  1. Haha! I'd be first in line for the snacks too! All that playing makes a boy hungry!

    Fun pics...your boys look GREAT in red!

  2. Boys and Baseball.....that's what my life is full of these days....I only have one boy but between my hubby and 10 year old Ethan that's what life seems to revolve around right now. I don't mind.....he does well in school and rather be out tossing a ball in the air then sitting in front a tv playing video games. I enjoyed your pics...my sons team wears the same colors. They are so much fun to watch at that age! Have fun...boys and sports will keep you very busy!



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