Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mama projects

There's something about projects that is therapeutic. Hear me out, 80% of the time they are a beat down in some form but the finished product is well worth it and seeing something tangible to show what you've done with your time...well, it puts my self esteem right up there with rock star status.

And some people might think I'm creative, but my secret? I'm really good at copying and stealing ideas. I would say that only 1% of the ideas are mine so really I guess I'm just good at being a thief and being cheap. I got this idea off The Idea Room who just makes me look like the biggest slacker because most all of the ideas are actually hers and she does it with five kids. Yep, just slap a big L on my forehead. But in the meantime, I just keep stalking her blog for more ideas until maybe someday I can come up with my own.

So this project is one for Grandma for Mother's Day who's been working hard on her backyard. We thought it would be a good addition.

Two things I learned in the project after THREE trips to Home Depot. DON'T buy the concrete I have pictured in the following photo with Justin...WRONG stuff. Well, unless you want something that might cause bleeding soles on your feet for garden stones.


This is the good stuff you need and it's a whopping $5.

The second thing learned...if your garage floor is as filthy as mine, be willing to let your kids feet resemble hobbit feet from The Lord of the Rings. Baths will be needed and the bath water will be gray...

Next we poured the concrete into the plastic plates that go underneath plants and used some some fun rocks and jewels to decorate the stone.


After about 3 days of drying, I'd say that they turned out pretty stinkin' cute.
In fact, I wouldn't mind a couple made for me...hint, hint, Justin.

The boys just loved slipping their hands on their stones to fit the matching puzzle piece. Although, sometimes those chubby fingers needed a little guidance.

But when the hand fit like Cinderella's slipper there was a facial expression to match the excitement.


Oh, I think the reason I want a pair for myself the most might be because I want to remember how small their hands were and for a moment in time...they never grow up.

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  1. I LOVE this idea! Hhmmm, I think I might have to do this soon, one summer day, with my boys!
    What a sweet gift... although, I would want to make some for myself too :)



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