Monday, May 9, 2011

Main Street

There are some weekends when I wonder how I'm going to fit it all in. The sports, the laundry, grocery shopping, church, and that's not even throwing some fun family time in the mix.

But sometimes you manage. You find enough energy to muster one more family outing despite your exhaustion. And although we don't make it every year, we try our hardest to make it to the Main Street Arts Festival every Spring.

And then in the midst of it, I wonder why. I wonder why I think it's fun to search for a parking space for 30 minutes or to wait to eat at a restaurant with two kids 5 and under for over an hour. But while we're waiting, I would say that the scenery wasn't too shabby...

And the boys seemed to keep themselves pretty entertained, or at least entertain us.


The beat down only kicked in when the kitchen took 45 minutes to bring our food and in hungry pregnant mama land, that might as well be 48 hours.

After filling our bellies, it energized us enough to wait in line FOR.AN.HOUR to get their faces painted. While 2 year olds won't have any part of standing in line that long, they sure do act like they've been on their best behavior for the artist.

Why, yes it's a horse, of course! 

And by this time we're closing down the festival waiting for this stupid face painting. And I swear if church weren't the next day, I would have let them sleep with this paint to get my money's worth.

In my next career...Easter bunny or face painting. Can't decide which one yet because both are making a killing.

The cutest part was hearing Nolan say, "Mommy everyone can't stop staring at my face painting it's so cool."

When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie...

That's amore. 
 Maybe one day we'll actually get to browse and look at the art for more than 10 minutes. 

 And you know things might not have gone as well as planned when your kid looks like this at the end of the night. 

Sorry for the horrible iPhone pic but you get the idea...awww what would life be without some good old forced family fun?

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  1. hi, first time visitor here. these pictures are amazing! beautiful family!

    happy sunday,



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