Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zoo Crew

Spring Break is here and it's never tasted so good. I needed this break like I've never needed a break before. This time of year is so stressful especially for a 5th grade math teacher. And with state testing two weeks away, I'm in a complete state of denial this week. Because this week is all about my family....and school is absolutely the last thing on my mind.

We jump started Spring Break off with a bang at the drive-in movie. Yes, they still actually have those around! Justin and I used to go all the time BC (before children) and have never been brave enough to go after having Nolan, but it may be our new favorite outing. The boys were absolutely wonderful and loved every second of watching Gnomeo and Juliet. Making a pallet in the back of the van with pillow pets surrounding us and snuggles was just too perfect.

On Saturday we were brave enough to go to the zoo on Spring Break...yes, we're crazy. But the weather was a perfect 70 and when weather is that good around here, you're just as crazy not to go outside.

We started out with the flamingos and the boys were really intrigued by them. We haven't taken Campbell since he was six months old. Can't believe we've waited this long with him being the animal lover that he is. Nolan was working that finger pointing to everything that moved...yes, he even got excited about a squirrel roaming the zoo.

 Next we visited the MOLA (Museum of Living Art).

Cam was a great sport and even touched a snake. Notice how I'm holding Campbell's hand making him touch the thanks.

At the end of the MOLA was a Komodo Dragon statue. Why do all the kids get to have all the fun? What you didn't see was how long it took me to get up from this massive lizard.

After that anything that resembles play ground equipment was quickly climbed and rode like a horse.

It was so cute seeing them peeking at all the animals and their fits of excitement with each new animal they discovered.

Some are nice to view from a distance though.

Campbell's favorite animal of the entire zoo? A horse, because you know those are so rare and you NEVER see them in Texas (enter sarcastic tone here). I told Justin that we might as well have taken them to a farm or a park with Cam's favorite being a horse and Nolan's being a squirrel.

The closest he got to riding a horse was carousel style.


And once feet were getting sore and yawns began to creep in, we took a train ride. Well, first we said good-bye to the train leaving and waited for ours.

Finally we could see it coming. It was almost too much for Campbell to see horses AND ride a train all in the same about perfect day for him. 

I knew that we had a very limited amount of time before meltdowns were about to happen so we did a turbo tour of the elephants, giraffes, and hippos.We got there just in time to see a good ol' dirt bath.

We have an incredible zoo, ranked top 5 in the nation. Every time we go, I say we've got to come back more often. Hopefuly, we'll really make that happen this year.

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  1. Yay for spring break! The pics are so cute! I need to know what kind of camera you use, we are looking at upgrading and I always love the clarity of your pics! Either comment me back or shot me an email if you have time!



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