Saturday, November 27, 2010

Give thanks

Thanksgiving came at a really good time this year for me. This year it came to me in a new way. One of those we've-sure-been-through-a-lot-this-year-but-life-is-still-good kind of ways. Some of it I share with you, some of it I still hold onto.

I feel like this blog is a pretty good perspective of our life. I give you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the truth. But my biggest truth in our family is definitely love. There might be screaming, tantrums, tears, brief moments of sadness, and a messy house, but one thing that there is no doubt about is love.

The kind of love where little jammies and cold toes are welcomed in bed under the covers just in time to start the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The kind of love where you know that you can wear what you wanna wear and have all the self confidence in the world that you are the strongest man alive in boots. Who cares if they're technically girls boots?!


The same kind of love where you suffer through the bitter cold so your mama can get that stupid picture every year in front of the sweetgum tree that peaks perfectly on Thanksgiving day no matter when that day falls in November.


Speaking of suffering through more pictures, how 'bout these adorable hats made by Nolan?

The same love that no matter how much they may fight, they still love being around each other and are best friends.


The kind of love that has you driving over the river and through the woods....

A kind of love that only homemade food can convey-one that your belly full understands.


A kind of love that is shown not just by words but by action...even if it's sneaky.

Yea so it's been a rough year in the family health-wise but I'd say that the biggest blessing is that we're all here, we're all family, and most importantly...we've got a whole lotta love.

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  1. Great post and pics of Thanksgiving!




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