Thursday, November 4, 2010

Carving out the good times

I'm trying to decide when it all started. What began my love for fall?  Was it going to football games in high school and college and that chill in the air and sitting in the stands with a blanket? Was it just being a native Texan and being so ridiculously thankful that for the first time in 5 months that I didn't have back sweat from checking the mail? Or even something as simple as my love for all things green, red, and orange?

I can't really pinpoint it but I know that all those feelings have just been building up every so softly without me really noticing. But since I've had the boys, I can't help but notice it. I'm not sure if I love it so much because they love it so much or if they love fall because they see their hyper hypo mom going nuts for it, so they just follow suit. It's that whole, "What came first...the chicken or the egg?" question.

But more than anything I think it's knowing that my favorite memories of my childhood all seemed to revolve around the holidays and there's such a desire within me to fill my boys' hearts with those same memories.

What better fall memory than to carve us some pumpkins? It was decided that Nolan would sketch out what exactly our pumpkin would look like this year.


In years past, we start the pumpkin carving but then we all realize how much work it is and let Daddy finish it...that's me. I have all the ideas, but Justin gets it done. But last year on a whim, I bought one of the pumpkin carving kits for $1.00. Let me tell ya, those suckers really do work! I'm talking it saved at least 45 minutes off our carving time instead of having to use a spoon. Best dollar spent. The boys actually stayed interested in it...well except for Campbell off and on, but c'mon he's 2 after all.


If there's one thing that really gets me going, it's a good excited. There's nothing worse than telling a hilarious story or giving an awesome present and watching ZERO reaction. peeve, sorry. But if there's one thing that my children have got down, it's a good excited. What's a good excited you ask?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:


Who knew a gourd could keep them so entranced.

Who knew it could keep them so entertained? The pumpkin hat joke just never gets old in this house.

Photobucket And neither does chasing them with pumpkin guts...

I think the transformation just blew their minds.


My favorite photo of the pumpkin carving didn't even have a pumpkin...well, unless you count the one on Cam's head.


I think Justin did a great job following the sketch. I did realize that Nolan is growing up. Hard to believe that it was just a couple of years ago when he screamed with terror when we put a candle inside our jack-o-lantern.

Fall, you gotta love it.


  1. In the last picture, it looks like the jack-o-lantern's tooth is sparkling. Maybe it has really good dental hygiene!


  2. I love fall too! I love it so much! Fun post, I always love seeing the fun pics you take of your boys!

  3. Your boys have the best expressions! Love the pictures :)

  4. Those pics are great! YOu will have so much to choose from for Christmas cards, my goodness! I love fall too.. It is magical.



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