Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Four LONG days

Good intentions. That's seems to be the ongoing theme in our lives since having kids. We have the best of intentions to finish projects, to do more, to be more. But after two kids I'm working on considering it a successful day if I can get dinner cooked and the kitchen isn't a wreck the same night.

So another good intention that we had back in March was to get a playground for the boys in our backyard. I remember the days of coming home and playing outside til it was dark and riding my bike when I was a kid. Now I feel like our children don't get that opportunity. I know, it's completely a different time and plus having an older brother and sister really helped. I just don't feel safe letting the boys play outside without me yet especially when I need to cook dinner inside. So a playground in the backyard seemed like the best solution.

Well before we knew it, it was June and the good Lord knows that no one in their right mind would  put a playground together in 105 degree heat. No thanks. So looks like we bought ourselves some more time to procrastinate.

Six months after our original good intention and after one month of it sitting in our garage, we finally pulled the trigger and put the playground together. And when I say "we", I really mean mostly Justin. I just took one look at all those pieces and parts and it looked like my worst nightmare.

Day one mostly involved making sense of the 15 gazillion pieces and organizing it all. Day two we had one of Justin's co-workers, Phil, come over to help. He was so wonderful to come give up his Sunday afternoon with his family.

Justin's feelings were a little hurt that I only got pictures of Phil doing the labor. So I had to make sure that I went back to show his hard work. The boys loved getting into Justin's tools and work junk while their daddy worked.

The slide was the first thing done and it's amazing how much a slide can provide entertainment!
Well after two more days of labor, this stupid playground is done! Thank you Jesus! The boys were already on the swings before Justin could even anchor the playground to the ground. Man, do these boys love to swing. Nolan shared in the duties of pushing Cam. Poor guys legs are too short to pump them anytime too soon.

All I can say is that after four long days, these boys better play with this playground until they're 30! So far, it's a huge hit.
Let's just hope that they newness doesn't wear off anytime soon.

I'm so thankful that my handy husband was able to figure out the world's worst instructions (or constructions as Nolan calls them). Thank you Justin for being such a great dad!
It looks like we're safe from the newness wearing off anytime soon.


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