Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nolan's 7th pARTy

I've been dreaming of this art party for years, long before Pinterest. Of course, Pinterest only fueled the fire and upped the bar to make me feel like I might be the cheapest mom on the planet.

Nevertheless, an art party was made for Nolan, so I was so excited when he said he wanted one. Although on the day of the party, it looked as though our theme was "Noah's Ark" with the torrential downpour that happened There goes the playground idea.

The hard thing about art is that kids either do it in 20 seconds or they take hours, but I think it kept them occupied just long enough. The favors were fun to make and it was the perfect time of year with school supplies. Bonus!

Of course, Justin made the tag that said, "Thanks for making my birthday a masterpiece." The little crayons were actually erasers and I think they were the most excited about those rather than the paint.

Double bonus that the art theme went perfectly with using the same banner and bright colors as Landry's rainbow party. We had another amazing cake that did not disappoint that was created by a speech teacher at my school. She is so talented.

 The kids went nuts when we cut into the cake and they realized it was rainbow colored, perfectly going with our bright paint theme.

I stole the Rice Krispie paint brush idea off Pinterest and the kids loved them. All the letters that were used for the canvases were cut from my Cricut, of course.

The easels for their nametags were just popsicle sticks that were already painted from the Dollar Tree that I hot glued together.
 I stole the idea of the beret and the mustache from my dear friend, Andrea, who also had an art party for her daughter. See, I'm just full of original ideas, huh? By far, this hat and mustache were the hit of the party to make our masterpiece photos complete.

Once the kids were done painting, we peeled off the stickers to reveal their names in the negative space, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

Although, not all the kids were a fan of the mustache, even sweet baby Blake played along.

Our friends are officially the most wonderful people to get out on such a nasty day to make it to Nolan's birthday. They helped participate in the art party because I definitely needed some parent involvement on this party since there was so much to do. The babies just played and Landry worked on her grocery store feet getting nice and dirty.

And these poor girls are just forced to be sisters because there are just too many stinky boys in our families. 

And in perfect McDonald fashion, right when I lit the candles, Nolan bumped into a friend and his front tooth started gushing blood.

We quickly dried up his tears and my Nolie Polie smiled with pride as we sang him "Happy Birthday" and I tried my best to hold it together. 

Next was opening presents and don't worry, Nolan's not angry in the photo below. That is his I'm so happy, I could hug your face off expression.  The beret was a nice touch for the photos, especially with the front tooth gap. 


I pretty much summed it up to be the worst party in the books after our torrential downpour with no kids being able to play on the playground, the front tooth gushing blood, and balloons that were laughable they were so small. 

But on the way home, with his toothless lisp he tells me, "Mommy, you deserve snuggles because you threw such a great party." 

And that's why I do it, folks. 

I'm so grateful to this little boy that made me a mama for the first time. He made my dream come true and I've been smiling ever since. He'll never know how he changed my life for good just by entering this world seven years ago.

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