Monday, October 15, 2012

A Kentucky visitor

We had a visitor at the beginning of September. Gram flew in to celebrate Landry's 1st birthday and I'm the slacker that just now getting around to posting about it.

She came the perfect time for me. I was so so overwhelmed at the beginning of the year and needed an extra hand. Dinners were cooked several nights and she was nominated to be on my party planning committee. She was a lifesaver!

  Miss Landry loved all that attention and loving that she got from Gram. 

We took a moment to enjoy the birthday present that we got for Landry. Her very own swing on our play ground. I think we made a good choice.

I needed a weekend like this, just family and time to just play. Life has been so insanely busy lately. I soak up every moment that's like this because I want my life to have more moments just like these.

 It seems like since we bought the swing for the kids, our playground has gotten a new level of attention. Campbell has FINALLY learned to swing by himself since starting Pre-K. I thought I was going to see that boy belly swinging forever. So now it's a race to the swings after school every day.

Sister even took a ride down the slide for the first time. I think she'll be out there running around with her brothers in no time.

 This was my favorite picture of the day. I love Julie's face in this and my allergy-ridden Nolan having a sneeze attack mid picture. He's usually the one who's looking away because of his over-reactive allergies when I'm looking for a nice family pose.

Thank you Gram for all that you do. You have no idea how much a cooked dinner can do for an overworked and exhausted mommy like myself. We can't wait until your next visit!

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