Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soccer mom x 2

We've been fighting it for about 3 years now. Nolan started playing soccer and we'd tote Campbell along to the games and chase him all over the field as we "watched" Nolan play. Campbell wanted to play so badly and we just kept promising him that when he turned 4 he could play.

Wellll.....he's 4.

Dang, that was a quick 4 years. And now that toddler that I used to chase at games is in uniform and holy cuteness he looks adorable in it.

We had a feeling this little guy would be our athlete but we didn't expect him to be the first one to score this season and within 30 seconds of the game starting. He scored two goals in his first game and last week he scored six. This boy was on fire and playing some good defense too! 

He is living and breathing soccer now. He completely copies what his coach says (who is so wonderful and patient) when he plays soccer at home and can't wait for practice and games.

Nolan is playing soccer again as well. Yes, two boys in soccer.  And no, I don't know what I was thinking. Nolan was on the same team with the same kids for years and we were undefeated. Well this year it seems like everyone disbursed and so it's all new team members. I think Nolan and one other teammate are the only ones that have ever played soccer. So I think we're going for the "Bad News Bears" record this year. It's all for fun, right?

Justin somehow got roped into being the coach. You know, because we don't have enough to do.  He feels bad when the team loses that he's somehow a bad coach. But I just remind him that Nolan will have no recollection of his wins/losses, only that his daddy was the coach. Nolan doesn't seem to mind the losing record. He's having fun. 

I've got my trusty crew on the sideline helping watch the games. 

After Campbell's game we went on and on about how proud we were of him and he said, "Let's talk about it some more." So as insane as I think I might be trying to work full time, get two kids to soccer practice and having games all day on Saturdays, I know that it's the right thing. It's getting them active, building their confidence and giving us more time together to spend as a family. 


  1. We'll be joining you this spring Good to know that it's worth the insanity to have 2 in soccer.

  2. This is great! My boys were going to do soccer but we have too much going on this fall/winter we wouldn't be able to commit :( That is so precious he said lets talk about it some more! haha Hope he has a fun season! And you're right, he won't remember win/loses only his daddy coaching and mom and siblings supporting him! (:



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