Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day of 1st grade!

So just as I'm getting over dealing with my baby turning one I'm dealing with my oldest starting 1st grade. AHHH! It's too many milestones for one mom to stay emotionally stable!

I love having Nolan at school with me. Seeing him in the hall waving like crazy to me and blowing kisses will put any bad day into perspective. The bad part about me being at school with him is that I'm always working when it's "Meet the Teacher" night. Luckily, I have one amazing husband who wrangled three young kids and was the parent so I could work.

This year he has Ms. Shue whom he already loves and talks about daily. He's totally crushin' already on her.
And here's my big kid on the first day of 1st grade. It was the first day of school for both of us. Can you tell we're sleepy? As for now, he wants to be an Astronaut when he grows up. It sounds like he could support me when I get old and wear diapers, so I'm cool with it.

Here's Nolan with his beloved kinder teacher, Ms. Japhet, his 1st grade teacher, Ms. Shue and the principal of our school, Mrs. Villines.

Nolan loves school which I absolutely cherish and pray that he always has a love for learning. 

He came home from the first day of first grade and said, "I already feel like a 1st grader!" Wow, that was quick!

And this is where I almost lose it because the photo on the left is my baby boy starting Kindergarten last year and here he is in the same hall on the right with this noticeable confidence looking like he's grown 5 inches in a year. 

By the time this boy is in 5th grade, I'll have to be down the hall just trying to get him in the frame of the picture because he's grown so much. 

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