Sunday, May 20, 2012

8 months

Sister has been flying through milestones in record timing. She actually sat up later than the boys at almost 7 months. My favorite stage is when babies just sit up and you can put toys in front of them. I was really excited that it took her a little later thinking that it was going to buy me another month before she started crawling.

Seriously, within weeks of sitting up, this girl was so bored with sitting. She wanted to MOVE! The boys didn't crawl until 9 or 9.5 months but she was crawling by 7.5! AGH! So that means no more shoes on the floor, plants being knocked over with soil spilled everywhere, and baby proofing like crazy. Landry SO did not let me enjoy the "sitting" stage.

But her excitement about crawling is just too cute. We have two bottom teeth that came in at 5 months but now all four of her top teeth are popping through. Most days, she doesn't complain about them, but some days they get the best of her and EVERYTHING goes in her mouth right now. And that's not good for a germaphobe mom.

These monthly pictures just got a WHOLE lot harder to take. I swear she almost fell off the chair about 10 times because she NEVER sits still! Looks like our next set of monthly pictures will be a two person job.

We've got days left of school and I'm counting down my days to spend with the kids, although I already know sanity breaks will definitely be needed! Hello, VBS, don't mind if I do! But having time to love on my love muffin makes me even more excited about this summer.

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