Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet the teacher - Nolan

Meet the teacher was at my school last Thursday. It has been a crazy week to say the least. New school year, moved to a new classroom, trying to prepare for my long term sub, fitting in 3 doctor's appointments this week, car dying (TWICE!), and being 9 months pregnant. Whew, just typing that made me tired.

I raced to the doctor and came back just in time for Meet the Teacher. It was a great turn out. Normally the joke is that by the time they're in 5th grade, the parent involvement isn't the best but I was pleasantly surprised to meet all but one of my students in my homeroom!

Justin came too, thank goodness to document Nolan's Meet the Teacher. It's a Catch 22 when it comes to teaching at Nolan's school. I'm so excited about being part of his day every day while at school but I'm also a teacher and must wear my teacher hat. Since I was busy meeting my own students, Justin came to play the parent role.

And he got to meet Ms. Japhet. The funniest thing is that I had her daughter last year in my class. So now we're just switching and trading off. Although I haven't seen in her the classroom, I see her in the hall all the time with her kiddos and you just know when someone is made to be a kindergarten teacher and when they're me! That's why I teach the furthest thing from kindergarten and teach 5th!

Ms. Japhet is such a sweet spirit and I've seen her exhibit nothing but grace and patience while interacting with her students.

Bonus: she's a mom of three herself and with two boys just one or two years older than Nolan. So I know she can fully understand how boys this age might be a little precocious.

Nolan is so ready for Kindergarten. He told me yesterday after a car ride to get an ice cream treat, that he was dreaming about it and he's so excited.

All this talk about Kindergarten has someone else talking about it a lot. He's still got a couple years. The first week at school for Campbell was a success minus three boo boo reports. He gets mad when we pick him up because he doesn't want to leave school. Poor thing has been the last one picked up nearly every day this week. I promise Campbell, mommy will get herself together pretty soon and you won't be the last one there everyday!

Here's to a great year and the beginning of Nolan's journey. I just hope I don't hear too many embarrassing stories from Ms. Japhet this year.

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