Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another baby bump update

We're finally in the homestretch of this pregnancy. Once summer came it seemed like things really slowed down. Nothing like being in the third trimester with two kids 5 and under at home all day by myself with a day full of entertaining and refereeing to do during the near record breaking triple digit heat.

On Tuesday, I will be 35 weeks! Operation Nursery is complete, thank goodness! I knew from the moment I took a pregnancy test and looked up my due date, that things were going to be really crazy right Tomorrow I start back and the following week, Nolan starts kindergarten. The beginning of the school year is always so insane for any teacher much less being 9 months pregnant and juggling twice a week appointments starting next week. Oh, did I mention that my OBGYN's latest appointment is 2:15 and school doesn't dismiss until 3:00? Thankfully, she just allows me to come as soon as I can get there.

I went to the doctor yesterday and you never know what you're looking at when it comes to the wait. It can be hours or one time I got out of there in 30 minutes. Justin's been great about trying to make my appointments when he can. He especially loves making it to the sonograms. So when I saw a room full in the waiting room, I texted him and told him how incredibly thirsty I was and to not rush. He was sweet enough to stop and get me a bottled water but at the expense of missing the sonogram. I felt so horrible! How was I to know with 30 people in the waiting room that I'd be called back in 10 minutes?

She's so big now (5.5 lbs) that it's hard to get much in the sonograms. But check out girlfriend's chubby cheeks. They rate high risk pregnancies with a test of 1-8 and Landry got an 8 out of 8! That's my girl! Amniotic fluid, heart rate, breathing and movement all look great. Overall she's measuring 1 week ahead but her head is two weeks ahead. Ouch.

My doctor said by law she can't induce me before 39 weeks but that with my blood clotting issues that we have a tiny bit of wiggle room. Therefore she made it seem like she might actually consider inducing me at 38 weeks IF things look good and it looks like my cervix is ready. So, if that's the case, then we're ironically looking at the week of LABOR day!!! 

Feelings right now: exhausted, overwhelmed, excited, anxious, nervous, feeling like a house
Cravings: pretty much anything
Weight gain so far: 32 lbs (gulp)

Excuse the horrible iPhone pic but turns out this magazine doesn't exactly play up EVERY shape.
It's hard to play up a Buddha belly. 


  1. Almost time. You look so cute. Good luck with everything!!



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