Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer season

It's that time season! You know I'm a soccer hater. Ok, maybe not a hater, but seriously it's about as exciting to me as watching paint dry. But here I am three seasons later, taking Nolan to practice and games.

It doesn't hurt that he looks this stinkin' cute in his uniform.

Last year's season ended with Nolan finally scoring three goals in the last game. And in his first game, I really noticed how much he's grown from that very first season a year ago. He's not so timid. He even showed that he might have inherited his mama's competitive gene.

I couldn't believe how determined he was and dude, that boy hustled!

All that running and hustling made for one thirsty boy. And Campbell was his biggest fan with his little snack cup in hand. Can I just tell you how cute he is screaming, "GO NOLAN!" GO FIRECRACKERS!" It takes everything in his 2 year old body to keep from going on that field to play with his bubba.


At half time, Campbell saw an opportunity to show his soccer skills and get in a little game time. By the way, this kid is hysterical with his elbow run. This is the closest I've gotten to capturing it on film.


It's only a matter of time before I'm driving my swagger wagon around town going from one practice to another. And I'll swear to myself that it's crazy that I put myself through this, but then I'll remember how much sports teaches them and that it's worth it.

Since Campbell thinks he's part of the team, he shakes hands at the end of every game. And it was definitely a good game.

Oh, and Daddy's helping coach this year. Now, we just gotta keep this mama's mouth shut and coaching from the sidelines.

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