Thursday, September 2, 2010

One last day of summer


It's the best word I can use to describe my feelings of summer's finale. I treasured those summer days with my boys. Yes, even those hair-pulling "when do I go back to work?" days. So maybe I didn't do as many things as I wanted to do or teach them as much as I wanted to. I'm cutting myself some slack because what we did fit in was "just right" for us. It was that balance of family time and not overextending ourselves. It was a perfect blend of quality vs. quantity. I love those days that began with, "What do you want to do today, boys?" There a very close second to those "Let's stay in our jammies and do a whole lot of nuthin" days.

As I grieve over my love of summer, I can't help but deny my love for fall. Not so much September, but October and November? Now, that's where it's all at. The colors, the trees, the crispness of the air, and don't even get me started on pumpkins and Halloween. And yes, we've been brainstorming costume ideas for a month now.  As much as I love those schedule free days, I swear that I thrive the best when I'm (or should I say, our family) is on one. And there's no better time than fall to get us into one.

So as a final protest to the summer ending, we packed up the fam for some good ol' pool time with the Young Families group from church.


And it ain't a party until there's a splash off!

Anytime you see a grown up having this much fun, you can bet you'll see kids flying through the air at the pool.


and lots of smiles


You should have seen my Cowboy Cam riding this horse. He says "Yee Haw!" with such conviction that you know this boy is undeniably Texan.


I'm still working through summer coming and going so quickly. Shame on you Summer, you don't call, you don't write. But don't worry, I'm moving on. My real crush in on Fall.

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  1. I am so with you on the end of summer, it was a great summer! These pictures are so good and looks like you all had a great time! Just found your blog and following along! You have a beautiful family Andrea!!



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