Monday, February 13, 2012

I've been shot by Cupid

I think I live vicariously through my children when it comes to holidays. I'm making up for the days when we just gave Valentines (boring old paper and envelopes) and called it a day. Now there's so many options for Valentines out there that I have enough ideas for when they're freshmen in college. I'm sure they'll looooove that?!

Before you start with thinking I'm some rock star, I can't take credit. I just tweaked an idea I saw online and then put my husband to work on it. I literally bought the suckers and cut three slits for the suckers while watching Biggest Loser (can you say oxymoron?). That's about how much of a contribution I made besides taking the pictures.

Next, I had some fun making up some brownies for their teachers. I figure that I really do need some brownie points because I know these boys can be a handful at times. A little bribery goes a long way.

Easiest gift ever. I got these cute little Chinese take out boxes at Wal-Mart, threw some brownies in the oven and slapped some ribbons on the box. I think this might be my staple gift every year for teachers for Valentines Day. The tag? Another husband contribution. My poor husband....he's always sucked into my craft projects.

And I really needed a creative outlet this weekend to just get my mind off of things. People ask, "Where do you find the time?" But honestly, getting my hands all dirty with glue or doing something creative helps me get my non-stop brain onto thinking about something else. It's the next best thing I can do for an "off" switch.

So I made Nolan's teacher a mailbox. I made a little pedestal stand. But it was terrible. After an attempt to spray paint a ceramic candleholder (doesn't work by the way), and a light dusting of snow coming to town -that pedestal is rolling around somewhere in my backyard and I'm too lazy and it's too cold to go get it outside. Oh well, it turned out cute even without the pedestal.

And a certain someone is really excited to give it to her tomorrow.

Sure do love my family and doing these fun crafty things for them. Hope they let me do it again next year! 

A conversation I had with Nolan tonight:

Nolan: Sarah asked me to marry her.
Me: And...
Nolan: I didn't want to tell her that I have five girlfriends. Actually, just four.
Me: So what did you say?
Nolan: I told her yes, but really I'm just going to marry Landry. 

So many things wrong with that conversation...

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  1. You rock! Those valentines are cuuuute!! & that mailbox, wow! & that conversation was hysterical! Children say the funniest things!



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