Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Mail

I can't believe that I didn't put our "official" 2011 card on my last post. Ugh....trying to juggle too much. So how appropriate is this picture to perfectly demonstrate that!

 Yes, my daughter is a Christmas firecracker or Christmas vomit (as Justin lovingly calls it). I think Christmas firecracker or the human form of going Griswold sounds much nicer.

And here's the back. I gotta say that I'm pretty darn proud of them. I took the one of Landry in her nursery on a day when she was working that camera like a runway model. 

 Of course, none of this is possible without my incredibly talented husband doing all the layout work. 
I think it might be my favorite card we've done so far, but maybe it's just the cute kids. 

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