Monday, November 21, 2011

Dress Up

It's happening.

Without meaning to, we're creating a diva.

Exhibit A:

We don't even ask him to do that but he does it for her. He can't stand her to be unhappy. Some days while I'm cooking dinner, I catch him doing this for her and it just melts my heart.

And to tell you the truth is SOOOO helpful and relieving to know that I have another set of hands to help with her while I'm frantically trying to jump in the shower, cook dinner, or get things ready to go out the door.

And while we're talking about divas....the clothes situation is beyond dangerous. When you open her closet it pretty much glows of pink and all things girly. It is seriously a good thing that I've only had one girl and not three or we might be homeless.

In my defense, I was very spoiled by friends and family buying Landry adorable outfits. I've discovered that people love to buy for little girls. I've even gotten some outfits from people I hardly knew. I think they just look for any excuse to buy for girls. I can't blame them. I remember my days before her and how excited I became when I was invited to a girl baby shower or birthday party. 

You may be wondering why I included two pictures of this outfit. On the left you will see her adorable outfit full scale and on the right I couldn't help but include this because you get a sneak peek at her first two rolls. The other 8 are hidden by her diaper. Gosh those thunder thighs just make me want to MUSH them!

And I've been the worst lately about getting out the good camera and just taking quick ones with my iphone to capture her outfits. Not the best quality but at least you can see we've been having fun with our doll.
I have so many outfits that have either been given or handed down to us that we really look forward to big days out. Church is pretty much prom for us. Heck, even a doctor visit is! We have to get really good use out of these clothes. She's already outgrowing them so quickly!

Embarrassingly enough, this girl almost has enough Christmas outfits for the 12 days of Christmas! Stay tuned! 

I think I might be more excited about decorating her for Christmas than our tree!

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  1. She is so, so precious! Oh, and you're not alone...with 3 girls at home I pretty much shop all.the.time.*sorry hubby!* The clothes are just too cute to pass up though! :-)



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