Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alumni basketball game

My husband's been all over the map throughout his life. One of the signs that you're a PK (preacher's kid) is that you've had at least 3-4 big moves in your life. Justin grew up in Kentucky, moved to Austin, then Shreveport before moving back to Kentucky for college. After college, he lived in Memphis for a few years and then, of course, he moved back to Texas where he met little ol' me.

Justin is friendly and outgoing to say the least and with living in four states, it's no shocker that when the man joined Facebook, he had 500 friends within a day. That's why I love him. He's the perfect husband to take to any new event because I never have to worry. He makes friends within minutes and requires no "babysitting", it's awesome.

But I'm really getting off topic here. All that to say, he spent a majority of his high school years in Shreveport and went to a private Catholic school. No we're not Catholic, it was just one of the schools free of metal detectors at the time. It's a small school but Justin loved it. He got an invitation earlier this year to participate in an alumni basketball game to benefit the school. He played in high school and the chance to play again with his buddies was too good to pass up.

So he packed up his letter jacket (no really, he did), dusted off his high-tops and we made a family trip to Shreveport with my mother-in-law in tow. She was such a trooper and she said it brought back so many memories to see Justin playing in the same gym nearly 20 years ago. Yep, he's that old.

Yes, that is Snoopy. Their mascot is Snoopy. It's the only school in the United States given permission by Charles Schulz to be used as their mascot. Just another random bit of useless knowledge to keep in your pocket.

There were no serious injuries, probably a lot of ice packing and pulled muscles discovered the following day. I think most injuries were only to egos with the realization of ones' true age.

One of the players, Billy Thomas, played college ball for Kansas and even played in the NBA.

After the game there were proud mamas and sons to give "good job" hugs. 


I can't believe that I've never seen Justin play basketball in the 12 years we've been together.
But for an old guy, he could really hold his own.

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  1. One of my favorite things about Justin is that he'll talk to any one and any thing. If there aren't people around, he'll make friends with the telephone pole about all the information he has about Kentucky or college and pretty soon he'd be inviting his new friend, Mr. Telephone Pole, home for dinner.



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