Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Family of Four

We're officially a family of four! Wow, it's hard to believe that here we are 6 years later with two beautiful boys. Our newest addition, Campbell Allen McDonald, made his appearance in this world on June 28, 2008. We're adjusting to our new "normal". The newborn part seems to be a lot easier the second time around. The hard part now is having TWO! One might be screaming to be be fed and the other is screaming he needs to go potty. Once the chaos dies down each night, we put our heads on our pillows knowing that we are truly blessed so it helps during those high blood pressure moments. Campbell reminds us so much of Nolan at this stage. We keep getting out the pictures and just shaking our heads with the resemblance. I'm ok with having another boy that is just as adorable as his older brother. I'm anxious to see if they'll continue to look like one another and what Campbell's personality will be like. I hear that your second one is totally different than your first. That makes me nervous since Nolan is such a great sleeper but that also means Campbell better eat anything I put in front of him after two years of having the pickiest eater known to toddlers! Nolan is the most amazing big brother. We could not have asked for things to go smoother in the way he's accepted Campbell into our family. From drawing him pictures, to making sure he's covered up and to giving him his pacifier when Campbell is fussy. I hope that his nurturing side continues and it just warms my heart to know that he is so caring.

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