Thursday, September 5, 2013

Family Camp

Athens, TX is sacred ground for me. It's where my camp journey began. I met friends there in 5th grade and am still really close to them even now. That feeling I got at camp was a mountaintop high every year. It's unexplainable but so so meaningful.

Justin took Nolan two years ago when Justin lead music at a camp but this year we heard about Family Camp. I was a little nervous about how it would go with Landry. The thought of bunk beds, play pens and more had me a little worried about the logistics of it all.

But it was amazing, in so many ways.

Seeing my husband play guitar for the camp always warms my heart.

I want my kids to love this place like I did. It's not like it's hard. It kind of just happens when you open the car door.

 Watching my kids eat s'mores....well it's on my parent bucket list.

Watching my kids sing camp songs and loving every minute of it. Another check on my list.

Even though it was a weekend camp, we filled every minute of that time with family time. And even better that we made homemade ice cream. It was more like a sugary liquid but you know I didn't turn it down.

Painting a family portrait, which now welcomes you as you walk into our entry way.

Swimming in a lake and pool had us worn out in no time but something about's like the trees give off a little bit more energy and you breathe it in and can't help but keep going.

 For that entire weekend, we bonded as a family. TVs were not around, phones were put away, video games weren't anywhere to be found. Although board games were played. It was glorious.

And it ain't summer without some watermelon.

So grateful for this place for what it's meant to me and my prayer continues that my children will have this place mean as much to them as it has to me.

The weekend reminded me that family time is sacred time, it's holy time.


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