Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Basketball season

Well, I’m super late on this seeing that basketball season has been done for about a month now. I could make a hundred excuses why I’m so late. I work two jobs, have three kids, blah blah blah but then you hear it from me nearly every month because that’s about how often I write posts anymore. I’ll save my my-life-is- so-hectic soliloquy for another day.

My husband, Justin, has a slight obsession with basketball, but when you grow up in a state that lives and breathes it, it’s just in your blood. Plus, the fact that he’s 6’4” had coaches hunting him down to play.

This is the second year that Nolan’s played. While he may not be the most coordinated on the team, I gotta say that he shown a lot of growth. He was one of the youngest on the team, which made him look short….something I not used to. He’s usually one of the tallest. 

I’m not proud to admit that my most competitive side comes out at my kids’ games. I mean I’m not one of those yelling-at-the-refs type of parent but I do tell my kids to hustle. Nolan was a great hustler. In fact, I think that sometimes he was more concerned with racing the other kids to the other end of the court than he was in making a basket or anything else. But hey, at least my kid was running, right?

Basketball is a hard sport especially for young ones. I didn’t start playing until I was in middle school and even then it was difficult for me. Ok, I tried out for the team and didn't even know what a lay up was. Yikes.

But do you see my boy having fun with that big ol' grin? Makes those weekly practices worth it after a long day.

Probably the cutest part of the whole season was Campbell wanting to go to every single practice to watch his bubba and wearing Nolan’s jersey from last to every game. He said that he was tricking everyone that he was on the team. He wants to play so badly but we’re going to wait a little longer since it takes so much coordination for him. Landry was the sweetest little cheerleader at every game and it actually really kept her interest, amazingly enough!

We’re so proud of Nolan for this season and how hard he worked.  

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